Turning Point




Moorestown, NJ [1988-1991]

Frank "Skip" Candelori
Nick Greif
Ken Flavell
Jay Laughlin
Steve Crudell

The Story

New Jersey’s Turning Point appeared in the late eighties as one of the most promising and engaging straight edge hardcore bands of their time. Their fast, aggressive songwriting, danceable beats, sing-a-long youth anthems, and memorable live shows helped earn them fans across the globe. But rather than be content with pigeonholing themselves, they continued to expand upon their original ideals. As Turning Point evolved, melody began creeping into the songwriting, and the lyrical content took a more emotional slant. Soon, Turning Point weren’t just simply a hardcore band. They had transcended their posi-youth roots to become pioneers who were able to straddle the line between hardcore and more complex song structure and issues--all of which would influence a generation of upcoming bands throughout the mid-nineties such as Lifetime, Texas is the Reason, Farside, and The Promise Ring.