Sweetbelly Freakdown




Washington, D.C. [1996-1999]

Shawn Brown - Vocals
Alex Daniels - Drums
Jason Farnell - Guitar
Dave Stern - Bass

The Story

Reunions are almost always transparent, disappointing affairs. Fortunately, the members of the seminal D.C. band Swiz knew this. So, when the original members began making music again together in the mid-'90s, they approached it as a totally new creation. Sweetbelly Freakdown turned away from the pomp and pageantry of traditional rock (read: "rawk!") to move towards a stripped down sound. The relative minimalism came across as volatile and infectiously abrasive, invoking "My War"-style Black Flag. Abstract, buzzsaw tracks like "Victims Complex" leave a haunting aftertaste not easily exorcised with expected riffs.