Newark, DE [1991 - 1997]

Darin Clowers
Jeff Terabassi
Joe Simpers
Nick Rotundo
Shane Evans

The Story

Throughout the early to mid-'90s, Walleye was a regular in the NE hardcore scene. Based out of Delaware, the quintet was a neighbor to Jade Tree and a staple in shows from New England to the Carolinas, making itself a natural match for the label. As time would prove, the band wound up serving as something of a lightening rod for fellow Delawarians such as Boy Sets Fire. The band's debut full-length marks one of Jade Tree's first collaborations with graphic designer/artist John Yates (Stealworks). Of course, Familiar, Forgotten, like the rest of Walleye's work with the label, is more than a sterile history lesson. In its relatively unsung life span, the band created an oft- overlooked take on personal hardcore, free of the saccharine trappings of some of the genre's future.