Universal Order of Armageddon




Baltimore, MD [1992 - 1994, 2010- Present]

Tonie Joy - Guitar
Brooks Headley - Drums
Colin Seven - Vocals
Anthony Scott Malat - Bass

The Story

UOA fashioned its music in the image of a juggernaut, always threatening to spiral into wild, flaming chaos-often it did just that. Under the thumb of frontman Tonie Joy, UOA drew from a burgeoning pocket of punk focusing on the intensely personal, imbuing it with a sense of brooding madness brought to a head during live performances where members were known to bellyflop into the drum kit. Dropping from a bomb to a hushed whirl in a heartbeat, UOA made no distinctions when picking from punk's toolbox- equal parts bombast, dynamics, a poisoning ennui and explosive release.