Strike Anywhere




Richmond, VA [1999-Present]

Thomas Barnett - vocals
Matt Smith - guitar/vocals
Garth Petrie - bass
Eric Kane - drums
Mark Miller - guitar/vocals

The Story

As much of the country, and punk music, broke into political ambiguity and disinterest at the turn of the century, Richmond, VA's Strike Anywhere bucked the trend with Change is a Sound. Unintimidated by the recent "uncooling" of politics, vocalist Thomas Barnett wears his convictions on his sleeve, referencing Zinn, Goldman and historic antifascist movements. The band, meanwhile, makes no secret of its influences, playing melodic, energetic punk in the realm of Avail, Soulside or 7 Seconds. At home in a sweaty basement, a warehouse or a yawning club replete with stage lighting, Strike Anywhere comes with a cynics advisory warning.




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