Panda & Angel - Panda & Angel JT1114
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Panda & Angel
Panda & Angel

Release Date: July 25, 2006

On their first release for Jade Tree, Seattle’s PANDA & ANGEL paints a passively angst-filled portrait of lovelorn, heartache and loneliness. PANDA & ANGEL‘s eponymous, introductory EP combines the sedated dissonance of early LOW and CHAN MARSHALL (Cat Power) with the melancholy-filled distortion of MY BLOODY VALENTINE and the stark truth of PJ HARVEY. Anchored by the haunting and hypnotic voice of Carrie Murphy (TOUCHDOWN EAGLE), Panda & AngelĀ (JT1114) offers a heavy-hearted perspective on losing one’s way and ultimately starting anew. The end result is a poignant memoir of melancholic regret, cathartic revelations and vibrant but tempered pop orchestrations.

All music and words by Panda & Angel
Recorded and mixed by Panda & Angel and Kelly Campbell
at Avast and in their living room
mastered by ed brooks at RFI

Photographs by Molly Landreth
Design by Meg Cummins

c & p Jade Tree 2006 / JT1114
Carrie Murphy . vocals, guitar
Josh Wackerly . guitar, electronics
Kara Kikuchi . keyboards, samples
Laura Enderle . bass, samples
Zaun Zehner . drums, electronics
Holly ashinhurst . cello . tracks 4 and 6
penny Chilton . saw . track 5

1. Mexico
2. Dangerous
3. China
4. Ohio December 24th
5. Following the Death of Her
6. A Thousand Whispers