Avail - 4AM Friday JT1110
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4AM Friday
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Release Date: April 11, 2006

4AM Friday is the sound of AVAIL hitting their stride – plain and simple. The collection of sing-a-long anthems for the everyman solidified their place as the kings of the Southern punk underground. This reissue of the 1996 classic is now completed by the addition of the 15 songs from Live at the Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco recorded in 1997, this smoldering live set showcases the band at their absolute peak and is testament to the unforgettable, high-octane shows that are AVAIL’s hallmark. Remastering, newly written liner notes, freshly unearthed photos and new artwork complete the package.

Tim Barry – Vocals
Joe Banks – Guitars
Rob Kelshian – Bass (1-15)
Gwomper – Bass (16-30)
Erik Larson – Drums
Beau Beau – Cheerleader

4AM Friday LP/CD (1-15) Recorded January / February 1996 at Uncle Punchy Studios, Silver Spring, MD. Engineered by Larry (AKA Uncle Punchy) Packer. Mixed And produced by Uncle Punchy and Avail. A portion of the words in “F.C.A.” were written by Alex Copeland. Ben Winkler sang the bit between “McCarthy” and “Monroe Park” on a rainy day while on tour with Avail somewhere at a rest stop off the New Jersey Turnpike.

Live At The Bottom Of The Hill CD (16-30) Recorded June 17, 1997 live at The Bottom Of The Hill, San Francisco, CA by Adrienne Gulwassy and Christinia Chin. Sound at the show was done by Radley Hirsh. Mixed by Mark Miley at Montana Studio and assembled at Slipped Disc by Bill McElory.

All songs copyright 1996-1997 Avail.
Mastered at West West Side by Alan Douches, assisted By Kim Dumas.
All photos by Chris Boarts Larson unless otherwise credited. Back cover photo by Patrick Haley.
Layout by Ryan Patterson / Auxiliary.

1. Simple Song
2. Order
3. Tuesday
4. 92
5. McCarthy
6. (Ben)
7. Monroe Park
8. Armchair
9. Fix
10. Blue Ridge
11. Swing Low
12. F.C.A
13. Hang
14. Governor
15. Nameless
16. South Bound 95 (Live)
17. Stride (Live)
18. Order (Live)
19. Tuning (Live)
20. Fix (Live)
21. F.C.A (Live)
22. Pinned Up (Live)
23. Nickel Bridge (Live)
24. Simple Song (Live)
25. Clone (Live)
26. Nameless (Live)
27. Scuffle Town (Live)
28. Blue Ridge (Live)
29. Virus (Live)
30. Model (Live)