Paint It Black - Paradise JT1103
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Paint It Black
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PAINT IT BLACK‘s follow up to their urgent and trouncing CVA is epic in comparison.  Not simply in terms of song length, but more importantly in terms of subject matter.  Paradise contains all the mile-a-minute passion of the last release coupled with a more thematic tone, exploring the personal pains of divorce, the more global concerns of war and how the two are hopelessly intertwined.  The end result is a heroic look inward and ultimately a catharsis guised in uncompromising intensity and spirit.

Colin McGinniss: Lead Guitar

Andy Nelson: The Bass Guitar / Vocals
David Wagenschutz: Drums
Dan Yemin: Vocals / Guitar
Melodious assistance: Dave Hause & Jason Yawn
Produced by J. Robbins & Paint It Black
Recorded and Mixed in September 2004 by J. Robbins at Phase / College Park, MD
Mastered at West West Side Music by Alan Douches / Assisted by Kim Dumas
Layout by Tim Gough

Track list:

1. Election Day
2. Pink Slip
3. Exit Wounds
4. Ghosts
5. The New Brutality
6. Athiests In Foxholes
7. Nicaragua
8. Labor Day
9. Burn The Hive
10. Panic
11. Angel
12. The Pharmacist
13. 365
14. Memorial Day

Pressing info:
1000 Green vinyl with factory printed jackets, 250 lime green marble with hand numbered silk-screened jackets. 25 lime green marble with hand numbered spray painted jackets.