Pedro The Lion - Achilles' Heel JT1095
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Pedro The Lion
Achilles' Heel
CD | LP (Remastered) | Digital Download (Remastered)

Release Date: May 25, 2013

Simply put PEDRO THE LION have made the album of their career.  After the huge crossover success of 2002′s Control (JT1072), it was only a matter of time before David Bazan and company would fully realize their potential swansong.  Beautifully achieved, Achilles’ Heel (JT1095) is crafted as a scathing glance into the crosshairs of the American dream, a heartbreaking sketch of husbandhood and ultimately an exploration of faith as told through eleven perfectly textured vignettes.  As sonically mature as it is emotionally complex, Achilles’ Heel is imbued with the hopeful sadness that only PEDRO THE LION can, and do deliver.

Engineered by David Bazan and TW Walsh. Mixed by Chris Colbert. David Bazan sang and played guitar, drums, synthesizer, bass, and percussion. TW Walsh played bass, drums, synthesizer, and guitar, James McAlister played percussion, drums, and synthesizer. Casey Foubert played guitar on Keep Swinging. All songs written by David Bazan except for Keep Swinging by David Bazan and TW Walsh and Start Without Me by TW Walsh. Art by Jesse LeDoux.

1. Bands With Managers
2. Forgone Conclusion
3. The Fleecing
4. Discretion
5. Arizona
6. Keep Swinging
7. Transcontinental
8. I Do
9. A Simple Plan
10. Start Without Me
11. The Poison