Swiz - No Punches Pulled JT1009
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No Punches Pulled
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Release Date: February 1, 1999

Very few anthology compilations can hold a candle to this one. SWIZ blazed a path for future post-punk flag-wavers in only 32 songs and a handful of records, and here, for the first time ever in one place, even the most glutted hardcore completists will find something to celebrate. Elaborate packaging by SWIZ guitarist and respected graphic designer Jason Farrell, countless photos, complete lyrics, and of course, all of the band’s classic recordings on one disc. Absolutely essential.

Shawn Brown: Vocals
Jason Farrell: Guitar
Nathan Larson: Bass (5-29)
Dave Stern: Bass (1-4) (JT1004)
Alex Daniels: Drums

Ramsey Metcalf: Lead Guitar (May 1987-August 1987)

Released February 1993

Tracks 1-4 Originally released as the “With Dave” 7″ May 1992 (JT1004)
Recorded May 1990
Tracks 5-16 Originally released as the “Hell Yes I Cheated” LP July 1990
(Sammich Records #7).Recorded August 1989
Tracks 17-25 Originally released as the “Twelve Inch” LP October 1988
(Sammich Records #4).Recorded May 1988.
Tracks 26-29 Originally released as the “Down” 7″ January 1987 (Hellfire
Records #2).Recorded October 1987

All Tracks Recorded at Inner Ear, VA
Engineered by Eli Janney
Produced by Eli & Swiz
Remastered by Michael Sarsfield at Frankford Wayne, NYC
Layout/Graphics: Jason Farrell
Photography: As Marked

1. Black
2. Nine
3. Cakewalk
4. Paralysis
5. Tylenol
6. Godspeed
7. Roadtrip
8. Dirty Boy Blues
9. Resurrection
10. Won’t Breathe For You
11. Pet Tricks
12. Dimluck
13. MGE
14. Dave’s Song
15. Sunstroke
16. Lie
17. Ghost
18. Taste
19. Wash
20. Toon
21. Intro
22. Stone
23. Quick
24. Draw
25. Frame
26. Much
27. Time
28. Cause
29. Lie