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October 5, 2004

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Loisville, KY’s Breather Resist have been bubbling right under the wide spread consciousness for a little while now. The four piece has been winning over audiences with rowdy performances from coast to coast. And now, in a move that had everyone saying “wha?”, the band signed to Jade Tree. Now, this isn’t the first heavy band that Jade Tree has worked with, but Breather Resist is the kind of band you would think would be more comfortable on Level-Plane or even Robotic Empire. But here we are?°¦ Charmer has been released by the Delaware powerhouse of a label.

Recorded by all around busy guy Kurt Ballou, Charmer is full of menacingly huge riffs that seem to burst your speakers in all of their fuzzed out glory (a gift Ballou bestows on most of the bands he records). The drums and bass punch through the harsh guitar tone with powerful clarity. The vocals of Steven Sindoni sound as though they are being ripped from his throat in a fit of desperation.

?°¦Here is the problem?°¦ I’ve heard this before.

Sure they can site bands like Deadguy as a reference point. Sure other reviews can liken them to Kiss It Goodbye, but there is one little thing everyone seems to be glossing over. This is almost a carbon copy of Botch.

I don’t know if everyone else has been dancing around it because they were happy that they had something to fill that void, but this is just a continuation of Botch. Now, before you misconstrue this into something negative, it’s not. I loved Botch, I know plenty of people who did. And when they decided to toss in the towel, a huge gaping wound was left in the hardcore scene?°¦ ask anyone. It’s just that, well not until now, no one has really attempted the Botch sound. The full, tricky guitar lines back by amazing rhythm section, all fronted by an intimidating, yet wholly engaging, voice.

Now, it’s not a note by note copycat, I don’t want you to get the wrong impression. But, when a review is basically a list of references, I thought I would just make it easy on you. If you miss Botch, this will fill in where they left off.

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