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January 7, 2008

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Band: Paint It Black
Album: New Lexicon
Genre: Punk/Hardcore Punk
Line up:

Label: Jade Tree

1. The Ledge
2. Four Deadly Venoms
3. We Will Not
4. Past Tense Future Perfect
5. Missionary Position
6. White Kids Dying Of Hunger
7. Gravity Wins
8. Dead Precedents
9. The Beekeeper
10. Check Yr Math
11. So Much For Honour Among Thieves
12. New Folk Song
13. Saccharine
14. Severance
15. Shell Game Redux

It was hard not to go into this album with unfairly high expectations. After two solid albums and the fact that Paint It Black have ties to Lifetime and Kid Dymanite, two of the best punk bands of the 90's. Needless to say, the album delivers. With mind-numbing intensity and energy that out does Red Bull, this album should be a staple in todays modern hardcore punk scene. Even with those expectations, this album goes above and beyond what I thought it would.

Dan Yemin's vocals are really something else. He yells out each and every word with the same ferocity as he did on the very first track. The way he projects the vocals on the album sound like they were performed live (in a good way), the way the grab my attention is something that I haven't felt in a recording in a long time. Lyrically, Yemin is very impressive. So many punk bands today throw their lyrics onto a track without thinking about them figuring no one cares anyway. The song that comes to mind when I think of the best lyrics on the album is always "Gravitiy Wins". With lines like "And who the fuck are they to tell us where we can and can't find divinity/ We looked around and found their god nowhere in the vacinity" are lyrics that few bands today would have been able to come up with, setting this album far apart from the rest.

The guitars on this album feature crushing riffs. None of it is terribley complicated, but most of the the stuff today isn't. They hit hard and move fast, which is what I believe punk is all about. They add a great backing for the powerful afformentioned vocals. The drums follow a pretty normal punk formula just like the guitars. However, all of this was expected because Kid Dynamite and Lifetime use similar musical techniques.

In the end, this album is everything that I expected it to be and more. Paint It Black were tailor maid for the modern punk scene, and won't be fading away any time soon. They already have a large number of fans from their previous ventures, and they will no doubt be gaining more with this project. Each album gets better and thats something that a lot of bands can't do. Paint It Black have set themselves apart from a scene that its very own members played huge parts in creating, and thats trulely special.
Rating: 9

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