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February 15, 2005

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So, the temperature outside in good ol' Western Pennsylvania is starting to warm up a bit. The snow is melting away. The sun is shining bright through grayed clouds. With the windows down and a cool brisk breeze blowing in my face, Paradise has been blasting in my car stereo nonstop. It seems Paint It Black's newest full-length is the perfect soundtrack for the seasonal transition between winter and spring. Its motivational drive melts away any wintry depression that may be lingering deep inside by way of super-charged, melodic hardcore punk-rock.

Paradise's musical warmth inspires.

From ex-Lifetime/Kid Dynamite guitarist Dan Yemin (now on vocals) and ex-Lifetime/Kid Dynamite, and current Good Riddance drummer Dave Wagenschutz, expect high-energized punk-rock deeply rooted in old school hardcore. Insistent, hard-lined, and vivid with extensive flashes of red-hot punk lightning, Paradise is a fast assault that contains those magical melodic moments of Lifetime, the forcefulness of Kid Dynamite, along with strong influences from early DC hardcore, yet Paint It Black's sound stands quite well on its own.

Produced by the master wizardry of J. Robbins, Paradise is a punk-rock gem that ears will definitely find inspiration in, spin after spin. Dan's firm vocals fuel the music with angst-ridden, aggravated lyrics that expose a restless desire: "I've always had my doubts but our vision's so myopic we see no way out. As long as hope exists, it will be met with angry words and swinging fists. But there's an itch that we've got to scratch. So set the fuse and we'll strike the match."*

Set the fuse and run...Paint It Black's hardcore-punk friction will rub and irritate and discharge a motivating spark within you. If Paradise's incentive kick doesn't make you clench your fists and become inspired, nothing will. Paint It Black propels an enthralling intensity and drive that's eagerly breathed in like deeply inhaling the clear morning spring air that invigorates and warms with every breath. This is music that affects and drives you as an individual—Paradise encompasses the passion of music, while releasing bottled emotions and pent-up frustrations. Paradise is a must.

Fake Train

Ken Hawk