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March 1, 2003

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Sat Mar 1

[SOLE: 175 S. Monroe, 509.216.2873]

We just adore bands-spanking-new. Doesn?t everyone? But we especially adore new bands with clever names that just completely kick our ass. These Arms Are Snakes are the epitome of that rage, and that?s just from a listen to a puny demo/EP thing called The Blue Rose! Not surprisingly, this furious five-piece art core contraption has managed to snuggle up with Seattle scenesters and Uber media entities with their sweaty heart-on-sleeve live shows, strong band lineage and somewhat impeccable timing. After all, the other Seattle bands born from parts of Kill Sadie and Botch (Pretty Girls Make Graves, Minus the Bear, Dead Low Tide, et al) aren?t doing all that bad right now, are they? Now would be a good time to check out These Arms Are Snakes if you want to tell all your friends that you saw them before they signed with some ultra sick, legendary indie label or something. Trust us, there isn?t much time left. Locals Self-Inheritance, no strangers to spastic core themselves, and Death Kills Time open the bill. Show starts at 7 p.m. Tickets are $4.

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