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January 9, 2007

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Due to the force with which These Arms Are Snakes deliver Easter, it is safe to say that Brian Cook, Steve Snere, Chris Common, and Ryan Frederiksen keenly focused on both lyrical intensity and inventive rock to create an album that bypasses simple categories.

When you examine the lyrics of the album closely, you’ll feel one of two things: complete comfort in knowing that you are not alone in your manic thoughts about life, death, and the pain that comes with both. Or you’ll be intimidated and unable to really develop a connection to the tracks. Musically, These Arms Are Snakes are able to convey a very hearty, rich stew of guitars and drums. In this way, the album’s music is not lacking in any way. There are consistent chords and melodies that are imbedded into the music, appearing in numerous tracks, indicating These Arms Are Snakes have a simple but solid approach to create symmetry amidst their songs. What it brings to the album is a sense of completeness and focus. These fellows kept to a tight line and it shows within the composition and production of these twelve tracks.

Lyrically, the songs are extremely concentrated and quite severe. Which is undoubtedly the band’s intention, but for those music fans who relate more to a peaceful, introspective type of pop-rock, this album might be too much to take in. It’s very deep and gives the impression of a highly pressurized critique. For fans of very melodic, richly rooted commentary rock with a concentrated theme of blood and death, it’s sure to fit nicely under the hood of their musical tastes. Each song claims very dark, potent lyrics. For example, “Child Chicken Play,” intensely boasts: “It’s blood it’s blood / Your beast of a heart / The blood stained teeth you bare show a lot more than you’d care.” Other noteworthy songs on the album are “Mescaline Eyes,” “Lady North,” “Perpetual Bris,” and “Crazy Woman Dirty Train.” Along with the rest of the tracks on the album, these songs have a lot to say and do it with a very heated, gritty delivery.

Vocally, These Arms Are Snakes sting the palate. In keeping with the thematic composition of the lyrics, the only proper way to present them is by screaming them, right? It might be a lot to take for someone unfamiliar or on a different musical wavelength than artists and fans of harder, focused metal/rock.

The album itself is a lyrically charged, heavily graphic ride. It makes a statement and keeps strong throughout, but it doesn’t appear to be making any large strides with its music. The band is worth checking into and the album is worth a listen for the adventurous music fan.

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Anika Henrikson