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November 30, 2006

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Rating: 5/5

Do you ever get bored of what's goin' on in music these days? Then you search and find a band that restores your faith and hope in music? That was absolutely the case when I discovered "Oxeneers" about a year ago. Listening to that record made me feel excited again about music and gave me hope that there are still some talented/credible bands out there in a world where cliches are drowning out the airwaves and even the underground.

'Easter' is second full length from These Arms Are Snakes and it's a great progression for the band. If you were a fan of "Oxeneers" or their EP "This is Meant to Hurt You" you're guaranteed to like this one as well. It sounds a little post hardcore like "this is meant...", and a little electronica and progressive like "oxeneers", as well as mixing in a new fresh sound which I would say is more experimental and even a little classic rock sound.

Bottomline, TAAS fans are going to love this album. If you're new to the band, "Easter" wouldn't be a bad album to start off either. It's just as good, and perhaps better than their previous releases. All their albums thus far are epic and no one else is making this kind of music these days. Very original and fresh. If you're unsure about buying the album, download "Mescaline eyes", "Horse girl", and "Child chicken play", that should be all the convincing you need. I highly recommend this album to anyone.

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