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October 14, 2004

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Just when These Arms Are Snakes hit their peak of perfection with “This Is Meant To Hurt You” the band has come out with the new Jade Tree record “The Oxeneers Or The Lion Sleeps When Its Antelope Go Home” to outdo their previous effort. Not only delivering a heavier keyboard driven record and more stylistically incorporative backing, These Arms Are Snakes have also shown that as a band they have found their true sound.

As soon as the album’s second track, “Angela’s Secret,” hits, the dance-groovy keyboard incorporations begin to mix nicely with the strong vocal presence of Steve Snere and quick guitar lines from Ryan Frederiksen. The album is full of surprises around every corner. Just when you begin to think These Arms Are Snakes couldn’t do anything more to impress you, the band pulls something else out of their magic hat and dazzles. What’s so awesome about it, it that These Arms Are Snakes bring something continually brilliant to the equation with each song they transition into.

“The Oxeneers Or The Lion Sleeps When Its Antelope Go Home” could go on endlessly and continually be amazing. Each time the disc plays, with the repeat button on of course, I have become more and more impressed with These Arms Are Snakes. Their indie partycore, alternative keyboard driven rock is fun and inventive. For anyone looking for something new and creative, These Arms Are Snakes will surely do the trick.

Many would closely relate These Arms Are Snakes’ sound to The Blood Brothers. This comparison is not so far off that it can’t be made, but the description is better suited by describing them as The Blood Brothers minus the excessive amount of screaming, cheesy lyrical content, and frequent whiney screams. In a sense, The Blood Brothers should be called These Arms Are Snakes with additions of cheesy lyrics, excessive amounts of screaming, and frequent whiney screams. Their keyboards are strategically thrown in to enhance their music instead of simply being incorporated into the sound just for the fun of it as one would find with Seattle’s The Blood Brothers. These Arms Are Snakes does everything with good intentions and a clear thought process, and “The Oxeneers Or The Lion Sleeps When Its Antelope Go Home” certainly shows this. Partycore at it’s best.

Silent Sky Media

Ashley Munno