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August 15, 2003

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Side Note / Review
These Arms Are Snakes have a captivating sound that blends together all of the technical aspects of math rock, along with post-hardcore elements. The combination creates something really nice and unique, a taste of something different from the flood of carbon copies and unoriginal bands as-of-late. The band tends to break down into instrumental melodies in their tracks, which just sound amazing; "Run It Through The Dog" shows this the most.

Their new EP "This Is Meant To Hurt You" may only contain five songs, but it's a CD I haven't been able to stop listening to. The talent in this group is not hard to see, their music sounds so mature and well put together. Every piece of this band stands out, the guitar effects, vocals and drums all sound simply great, and the blending of them is pulled off with perfection. "This Is Meant To Hurt You" drops this month through Jade Tree Records and I highly suggest you pick it up, These Arms Are Snakes will appeal to fans of many different genres.

Soul In Eyes

Timm Clark