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July 23, 2003

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The Blood Brothers, These Arms Are Snakes, The Vexers, Dance Disaster Movement


First Unitarian Church 2125 Chestnut St. Philadelphia


Sunday, July 20, 2:30 pm



215.563.3980 or

Don't harm the snakes. Leave the snakes alone. Except for when These Arms Are Snakes play the F.U.C., then feel free to whack away.

If our arms were snakes we could have all kinds of fun with them. Sure, we could do all the usual scaring the shit out of old people and unsuspecting sleepers, but we think we’d have a bit more fun playing sexy pranks. More on that later.

To go along with Monica’s interview with The Blood Brothers, who will be sharing the stage with These Arms Are Snakes (ex-Botch, Kill Sadie, Nineironspitfire) on July 20, Ryan Frederiksen (guitars) was kick-ass enough to talk to a nuh on the phone, almost get in an accident and reveal his most personal feelings on things like 80s TV and rap music (he loves it!).

Take a peak and don’t forget to place your pre-order for TAAS’upcoming EP, This is Meant to Hurt You, on Jade Tree Records:

PULSE WEEKLY: Where did you come up with the name These Arms Are Snakes?

RYAN FREDERIKSEN: There are a couple reasons why [we chose it]. It’s kinda just me thinking of the most ridiculous name for the band that I could. It’s more of a comical thing for us. It seems like people really take themselves seriously when they choose a name, whereas we definitely don’t – we take what we do seriously, but not ourselves, by any means. These Arms Are Snakes, it’s funny to us, but it’s quirky enough to get people’s attention.

PW: Did you have any other names you were throwing around?

RF: No, as soon as we came up with that one it just stuck. To this day we’re all kind of embarrassed to say it when people ask what our band name is. It serves its purpose; it’s all good.

PW: Was deciding which songs to put on the EP difficult?

RF: We pretty much knew going into it which songs we were going to put on there. We recorded four of the songs before as sort of a demo. We never released it or anything like that, it was more for our own enjoyment and to send out to labels and whatnot. So the record is those four songs and more that we added later.

PW: What made you choose Jade Tree?

RF: For us, it was definitely an easy decision [to choose Jade Tree]. We’ve all really respected Jade Tree for as long as they’ve been a label and we love all the bands that are on it. It was an easy pick: When they got a hold of us we were really excited and all the labels we were talking to before just went to the background; Jade Tree was our number one pick.

PW: What was your favorite 80s TV show?

RF: Airwolf.

PW: Airwolf was great. That was up there with Knight Rider.

RF: Hell yeah.

PW: Is there a particular area of the country that you like playing while on tour?

RF: Well, this is going to be our first tour as this band, but we’ve toured in other bands. I’ve played Cleveland twice and each time was completely different so it’s kind of hard to say, but the cities I’ve always really enjoyed are Chicago, New York, Boston – Boston seems like the Seattle of the East Coast. On the West Coast San Diego is awesome. In between ... geez, Louisville?

PW: Really? That’s the first time I’ve ever heard anyone say Louisville.

RF: Yeah, actually, that’s kind of a joke. Jesse Robertson [keyboards] and I both lived in Louisville at one point in time. So for us it’s kind of a joke; neither of us like Louisville .

PW: Do you like hip-hop at all?

RF: Oh, I love hip-hop. I’m not too into the new Talib Kweli – that’s not such a good record for me personally. But I like Black Star, Mos Def, a lot of the Def Jux crew, RJD2, Aesop Rock. There’s a lot of great hip-hop out there, I love it.

PW: How about commercial rap?

RF: You mean like Jay-Z and stuff like that? I love Jay-Z, man. I love me my Jay-Z, totally. I used to hate Eminem but he’s started to grow on me a little bit. That guy has skills, man, he’s a good lyricist. He knows what he’s doin’ so I gotta respect him for that.

PW: He’s quite possibly insane.

RF: Exactly, so it’s good all around.

PW: Do you know any good jokes?

RF: You know, I don’t.

PW: Damn, ‘cause I’m fresh out.

The Pulse Weekly

By Steve Swift