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August 26, 2004

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In reading the “hype” about this band, it was apparent that Jade Tree was billing them as the next big thing referencing them to At The Drive In and using the word “explosive” to describe their live show. Usually references such as those would turn anyone off as it usually turns out to be a crock and the band sounds like The Vandals.

For our sake, Jade Tree is always right on in their calls and this is no exception. Using the tricks that At The Drive In used during their “Acrobatic Tenement” period, Despistado are quirky post punk at it’s best. Being from Canada, it might take awhile for audiences over here to catch on but I have a feeling that once they begin to concentrate their live attack on the states, it will be a different story. What the record lacks is a punch in the recording but as this seems more like a glorified demo, don’t fret as their full length will undoubtedly be leaps and bounds better.

Yes this is not the most original releases around but that intangible quality of fun is ever present during this EP and their moves forward will be that much more exciting to watch.

Punk Rocks

Ray Harkins