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April 7, 2004

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Saskatchewan is often known for it's flat land filled with wheat and grain. Now, the province shall also be known as the home of a new indie rock sensation, Despistado. Hailing from Regina, the band has come a fair distance in a short period of time. Their live performance made an impression on me at a Canadian Music Week show, and I knew then, their EP had to be mine.

The band derives their influences from such musical geniuses as At The Drive In, and The (International) Noise Conspiracy. Imagine smashing those two bands together, and you have Despistado. The first track catches you with fast repeating guitar riffs and quick paced singing. The song gets you tapping your foot and wanting more. Near the end of the first track, the drums and one of the guitars and bass, fade off just leaving one guitar and the repeating of "what a stirstick can predict is more than we dissect," then kicks back in. Following the introductory track is a song with a title that will surely make you laugh.

"Can I please have an order of girl with a side of confused," follows a similar pattern as the first, with the fast singing and guitars, and even the fade off of instruments at the end of the track. This fade technique is tough to comprehend at first, but after a few listens, you will begin to love it. The fourth track takes a turn and changes the band’s song formula. "Bubbles" makes more use of slower, more harmonic guitars and a repeating verse that you can sing along too. For some reason, the fifth track, "Hi/Fi stereo" was recorded right from "the floor in one session," which it sounds very much like. The recording is much different from the other five tracks, and takes a little away from the overall record. It is not a favorite track either because it lacks a bit in the catchy verse or chorus category. One of the best songs on the album is the closing track "Lipstick." The opening riff is unique and is used throughout most of the song in various sections. The clapping at the beginning of the song, adds to its uniqueness.

The guitar riffs are often repeated in each song, but the picking sections can be technical at times along with the bass lines. The drumming parts are always kept at a faster pace, but the overall sound is quick as well. The vocals flow well, and like I said, are somewhat quick. The use of backing vocals is very effective, and adds more to each song.

This band has a bright future ahead and this EP, which soon is to be re-released on Jade Tree Records, is one that can be loved by any fan of indie rock. The only real downfall to this EP would have to be the fifth track. Recorded properly, it could be a good track. Other than that little blip, the record is definitely enjoyable.

Track Listings:
1: A Stirstick Prediction.
2: Can I Please Have An Order Of Girl With A Side Of Confused.
3: Taste This Picture
4: Bubbles
5: Hi/Fi Stereo
6: Lipstick

Favorite Track: A Stirstick Prediction.


Troy Bordun