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February 9, 2005

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I don't know what year it was, but I can clearly remember the Semtex collective gathering behind a little merch table on the Ieper Fest where we hang out each year. We were carrying a small distro with a selection of different kinds of zines and fanzines. We had this very political newsletter we distributed, which had all this info on squats and anarchistic collectives worldwide. No one ever bought a copy of it and that day we sold one copy to a dready dude. He was quite interested in most of the stuff we were carrying with us and raved about Semtex zine. Cool. What a surprise when I saw him jumping on stage with his band Strike Anywhere just half an hour later. It charmed me to check out their first full length on Jade Tree called "Change At Sound" that, until today, still stands as my favorite Strike Anywhere record ever.

Their previous full "Exit English" just didn't grab me that much as the "Change At Sound" record did. For now I really had to check out this brand new full length. "To Live In Discontent" is a celebration for Strike Anywhere's five years of existence in this miserable world. While factories are polluting, presidents are destroying and bombs are falling, Strike Anywhere is one of those bands that will keep their fist in the air with a politically charged mix of melodic punkrock and hardcore. I dig them and to notice that this release collects some of their earlier material was definitely a positive note in my scrapbook. This cd actually includes a rare 7" that was released on Fat Wreck and some older hard to find songs, totally re-recorded. "Cassandratic Equation" is one of those songs that has been scratching the needle of my record player multiple times. I just love the positive pc energy coming out of this, the anthem filled singalongs and the melodic turnout of the whole song. Other good ones are "Two Sides" and "Chorus Of One". It’s cool that I can now just pop them into my cd player without having to worry about switching the sides of a vinyl record.

In the end this record won't win it from their previous full lengths. But it's a good record if you're a Strike Anywhere lover. It has more of the rare stuff on it completely re-recorded and even some exclusively recorded cover songs of Gorilla Biscuits, Dag Nasty and Cock Sparrer. It is politically correct to get your hands on this one. For the rusty Strike Anywhere fans and for people into melodic charged punk/hardcore. Good enough to keep the fight going out there.


Ray Kluze