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February 1, 2005

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Politics have been the forefront of punk rock since the early 80’s when punk and hardcore had strong followings in not only America, but in other countries as well. It is rare to find a decent punk band that actually has an intriguing and positive message behind their music, as opposed to the emotional based mainstream punk genre. Strike Anywhere is one of the few bands, along with the likes of Rise Against and Pennywise, that have gained considerable popularity while still striving to educate the mindless masses who take their government for granted. To Live In Discontent is a collection of some of the rarest songs by the band, as well as a few outtakes from their previous outing, Exit English.

This album has new and old elements of Strike Anywhere that old fans will enjoy, as well as new fans who are just learning about the band. Songs like “Asleep” and “Antidote” carry the melodic elements of modern day mainstream punk rock, as well as the political angst found so commonly in underground punk communities. Although the album starts off with a few radio friendly songs, it quickly jumps right into the Strike Anywhere that has been receiving critical acclaim as one of the greatest punk bands to ever exist. “Question The Answer” sets up the rest of the album and ultimately leaves the listener in total awe.

A few standout tracks on the album include the fast-paced, angry “Sunspotting” and the frenetically eccentric “Cassandratic Equation,” which features a blend of what Strike Anywhere was and has become, musically, over the years. Their political messages are still quite common in the blistering punk anthems “Earthbound” and “Incendiary.” Regardless of the fact that this album is filled with rarities, b-sides, and covers, it really can stand on its own as a new album from the band. To Live In Discontent is an album that blends old and new to create a vehement piece of musical history that ties on to the heartstrings of the politically oppressed and rebellious youth of America.

Chorus Of One
Question The Answer
Notes On Pulling The Sky Down
Cassandratic Equation
Two Fuses
Two Sides (Live)
Values Here
Where Are They Now?

Breaking Custom

Rahul Chandiok