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September 12, 2002

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What is Milemarker? An electro-new-wave dance band? A sludgy stoner rock band? Washington, D.C., hardcore band? On their EP “Satanic Versus,” the band appears to be all three. Unable to fully embrace their Fugazi-ness, they aren’t really ready to hit the dance floor, either – which is part of the “Satanic Versus’” charm.

The six songs on this little EP could all fit under the label, “hardcore,” without rubbing the genre raw.

Three of the songs were recorded by legendary engineer Steve Albini. (He has recorded some of your favorite bands. If you don’t know, just ask.) These seem to best capture what their live performances are like. The other three were recorded by the band, and do equally well to show off the band’s talent for straddling genres.

“Satanic Versus” also comes with some very nice features, including three live performances from Milemarker to play on your computer. Good idea, considering their live shows supposedly blow their recorded stuff away. Oh, and it also comes with a program that lets you remix two of their songs, for those closet DJs and anyone who really does want Milemarker to sound like dance music.

The New York Times named Milemarker’s last album one of its top underground releases of last year. “Satanic Versus” looks like an indication of even greater things to come.

Arizona Daily Wildcat

Jessica Suarez