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June 30, 2008

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CLOAK/DAGGER - We Are 12" Out Now
Posted by Jordan A. Baker / June 30, 2008
From the inbox:

Via Grave Mistake Records: That's right! The vinyl version of the CLOAK/DAGGER full length We Are is now available! We Are officially came out on CD last fall on JADE TREE RECORDS, and we know that a lot of you have been waiting VERY patiently for the vinyl release so here it is. The record was remastered by Dan Randall at MAMMOTH SOUND and sounds better than ever! This is actually the first LP that GRAVE MISTAKE has done since the label started, and we couldn't be happier with how everything came out. If you have yet to check out this record, then now would be the perfect time to do so.

We tried to get some colored vinyl pressed up for this LP, since everyone loves the limited stuff ... unfortunately as the record went to press, there was a color vinyl shortage and a handful of pressing plants (including the one we used) had nothing available. Since we couldn't do this record without having some type of fun little version, we went to plan B. What this plan entailed was to somehow con Matt, the new C/D bassist, into screening up a bunch of special covers. Lucky for us, Matt has his own little silkscreening company (, so not only was he thrilled to do these but they came out looking brilliant! Turns out, not only is he a pro at screening LP covers, but a one color screen to him was a walk in the park ... check out his site for some other awesome show posters he's done.

Anyways, enough nerd talk ... the 12" is now available in the GRAVE MISTAKE WEBSTORE ( and the Silkscreened versions are all ready to go! The screened versions are limited to one per person, but you can order as many regular versions as you'd like! So head on over and order this thing ... because honestly they are taking up a lot of room in my apartment. Or you can pick up the LP from your favorite distro in the next several weeks. The Daggers will also have a fair share of the screened version too so check them out as they are playing a handful of east coast shows this summer.

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Jordan A. Baker