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May 26, 2006

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The three members of [B]YOUNG WIDOWS[/B] emerged from the dissolution of [B]BREATHER RESIST[/B] with a new vision steeped in dark, brooding grooves and moody post-punk. From the reverb-drenched inspiration of Regulator Watts/Hoover to the bass and drums lock-groove perfected by Shellac and the Jesus Lizard, [B]YOUNG WIDOWS[/B] gladly wears influences on its sleeve. The signature inventive guitar work of vocalist/guitarist Evan Patterson (Black Cross, The National Acrobat) is at its peak here, while the rhythm section of Nick Thieneman (also of Black Cross) and Geoff Paton lays down syrup-thick grooves, recalling Pacific Northwest heavyweights (think Melvins, Karp, even Nirvana), and British post-punk, ala Gang Of Four. [I]Settle Down City[/I] (JT1119), their Jade Tree debut, contains 11 songs of hypnotic, heavy, noise-rock anthems and will be released September 12, 2006.

[B]YOUNG WIDOWS[/B] will be making their live debut this Saturday, May 27th, at the Keswick Democratic Club in their hometown of Louisville, KY as part of the [URL]|Last Saturday |EXTERNAL[/URL] show series. Label mates [B]PAINT IT BLACK[/B] will also be appearing, alongside noise-punks Pissed Jeans and locals Squarewell. The band will be hitting the road in July and August with Louisville brethren Coliseum and the two bands will be releasing a split 7” on their own Auxiliary Records label to coincide with the tour.

[B]The first 100 [URL]|pre-order[/URL] customers will receive a free YOUNG WIDOWS poster hand screened by the band. Pre-orders will be shipped on August 25.[/B]

Vinyl will be available from [URL]|Auxiliary Records|EXTERNAL[/URL]


Track Listing:
1. Settle Down City
2. Almost Dead Beat
3. Glad He Ate Her
4. Small Talk
5. Formererer
6. Bruised Knees
7. Mirrorfucker
8. [URL]|The Charmers|EXTERNAL[/URL]
9. New Forest
10. The First Half
11. We Don’t Know

[b][URL]|Official YOUNG WIDOWS website|EXTERNAL[/URL][/b]