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May 18, 2007

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With a sold out crowd ready to see Kings of Leon tonight, those fans disappeared very quickly once the news hit that Kings were sick and will be back in August. That did not stop Snowden from starting early to show the fans what they were made of. Corinne(the stunning bass player) and company put everything out on the line, and threw their bodies all around. This band turned their set more instrumental to really give their show that psychedelic rock n roll atmosphere. This band works so hard, getting so much out of their ability, and this band is still stretching to reach more heights. They have a great sound and have some incredible tunes, but I think this band is still looking to add a little more pop to the vocals, melodies, and riffs. Trust me, for this band it wont be difficult to find, considering their live set captures so much life. With no manager, this band still found the perfect path touring with Kings of Leon. Lets just hope the Kings of Leon take care of themselves a little more on tour, so Snowden can take advantage of all the great fans out there. Snowden will also be touring with the KOL in Europe. Keep your fingers crossed that they get a new record out soon and come back to the Twin Cities.

Don't be surprised if you see Corrine Lee and Amanda(bassist from Stellar Star) on the cover of Rolling Stone. If anyone can make that happen please do so. I wish my girlfriend was in a great band and looked this good.

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Brody Mccoy