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March 12, 2004

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The theory of a cool band name being as important as cool cover art strikes again - and in this case Atlanta's Snowden have both. A mix of Cure-Joy Division-insert brooding band here with just a dash of youthful optimism, I was completely blown away when I first heard this after grabbing from a quite large pile at Pianos - 'cuz of the name. Then I booked 'em for a show. Life is fucking sweet.

And even sweeter is actually getting to see and hear said band on their first foray of what is sure to be many (hello, CMJ!) into the City. I was asked the other day how I would describe the music of Snowden - and on the spot in .32 milliseconds I blurted out "Joy Division meets Dawson's Creek!". Does that even make any sense? Well, in my mind where each of those things represents highest art of the nth degree I guess it does - the kids of Snowden make dark music to make puppy dog eyes to. Lead singer Jordan's got one of those voices that is just begging for an arena rock stage to showcase it on. That, combined with their next door vibe has already got people talking and no doubt will have even more doing so as they hear them.


Jasper Coolidge