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August 27, 2007

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Fucked Up used to play basements exclusively, but now they play them after the show at the club earlier in the night. They are five polite Canadians who play melodic hardcore like they invented it, equal parts Donnas, Poison Idea, and street punk gobbing in the mix. Attempts to shake free of their hardcore purist fanbase by writing longer songs are only succeeding to draw in more diverse crowds. They have over 20 releases, the most recent of which is the “Year of the Pig” 12” single on What’s Your Rupture.

Top Ten Intro Music Tunes by 10,000 Marbles of Fucked Up

1. A Challenge of Honour - "The Home Coming"
Our gnarliest use of intro music. Sounds like a thousand sketchy bats flying into your ears and eyeballs, and sounds so out of place and jarring, that it makes for a hyper-disorienting tense environment just before we start playing, like as if there is construction upstairs,

but instead of carpenters its nazis. This band also has a record called "Spartan Victories" - enough said.

2. Julee Cruise - "I Float Alone"
For the exact opposite effect. We used this at a show in Washington, just beyond the Black Lodge. Peaks in just the right places, fills up a dark room with just the right amount of anticipation, and sounds like its about to unravel and spill right off the highway. Badalamenti uses all of the right tricks here - a melting horn solo, the most confusing piano mangling, and he steps on the lowest pedal on the organ, and just leaves it running.

3. Barbara Mason - "A Good Man is Gone"
Yeah, the "Yes I'm Ready" Barbara Mason, but this was the mid 70s NY alleyway version. This song is from the "Sheba Baby" soundtrack. The night before Octavio left for the psychic warzone, we played this track before our set and tore everyone’s hearts from their stomachs. Then he reminded us that time doesn't exist and we'd see him when we get there, and filtered into the vibrations, singing "Yes I'm Ready".

4. David Axelrod - "The Mental Traveller"
Nothing gets the attention of merch table monkey's like a hundred violins

sustaining for 40 seconds straight. Useful again at the 1.30 minute mark when the guitars kick in, because if you still aren't paying attention you might think it was us playing, except for when those headache-strings come back in.

5. Gustav Holst - "Mars, the Bringer of War"
Our best shows have been odes to the god of war anyhow, so why not stand up and take our hats off for the anthem before it starts? The only song better at getting people prepared to smash each other is?°¦

6. Cro Mags - "We Gotta Know"
Sometimes we get booked to play festivals and play this like a secret code for the lowlifes that sneak in so they can call mayhem when we start. The most classic intro of all time, we actually play this with instruments,

not over the PA. When we covered "Down but Not Out" at a loft in Brooklyn three different fights broke out at the same time – talk about mind control.

7. Kinfolk Kia Shine - "So Krispy"
We still can't afford a lot of fancy gear. I had this on my iPod (Shuffle) a few weeks ago when we did a festival in England and was it came on right as I was done setting up. I put the earbuds to my guitar pickups and looped the drum intro with my line 6 delay pedal. We used the beat to start the first song of our set. A few weeks later we did the same thing with the start of "97 Mentality" but I wrote about this song because the lyrics are way more retarded ("Krispy like a two piece, not a pot pie").

8. Monty Cantsin - “Mass Media”
We had to use this a few times because David claims that he wrote it.

9. Julie London - "Like to Get to Know You"
We play this right AFTER we're done playing and seperated by everyone at

the show by 3 inches of bulletproof glass in the Fucked Up-mobile, just to rub it in as we drive away (it also has a cow catcher on the front)

10. "Kaneda" from the Akira soundtrack
We had to stop playing this song because people kept turning into huge stuffed bears and exploding into birds and pieces of felt and shit all over the club in slow motion.