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February 22, 2007

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Jade Tree's FUCKED UP releasing album on What's Your Rupture - TOUR DATES (NYC, SXSW, etc)
DOWNLOAD: [URL]|F*cked Up - Baiting The Public|EXTERNAL[/URL] (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: [URL]|Nardwuar interviews F*cked Up|EXTERNAL[/URL] (MP3)

What am I supposed to do when a band name is as scandalous as F*cked Up? I don't want this website to get blocked or however that works. I don't want to censor anything either. Usually I'll just throw an asterisk in the word. Does it do anything? I have no idea. Anyway, I left it uncesored in the title - asterisks everywhere else. Hopefully that doesn't f*ck sh*t up too much.


"F*cked Up remains one of the most talked-about bands in hardcore and punk rock in both the mainstream media and underground outlets. Their brand of relentless, aggressive, yet highly melodic music has been mentioned on nearly every magazine’s top ten list of the year, regardless of the magazine’s musical preference. Punk rockers, hardcore kids and indie rockers alike all seek to obtain the band’s highly sought after releases, which are almost all on vinyl and in limited numbers." [JADE TREE]

F'd Up in London ([URL]|CRED - MORE|EXTERNAL[/URL])
I found the "indie rockers alike" part funny at first, but it's so true. So many people have asked me about this Toronto band in the past month - mainly because of their upcoming shows at Mercury Lounge and SXSW - and I'm not talking about the people I would go see Sick of It All, Agnostic Front, or Scatterbrain & Ludachrist with - I mean people who you might even catch at an Andrew Bird show. It's probably because F'd Up aren't " the prototypical hardcore band. The songs on 'Hidden World' average five + minutes and have violins, acoustic guitars, samples, piano and other instrumentation." It's also probably because VICE likes them, and has released some of their stuff (some of tons of stuff).

'Hidden World' is their debut full length - out now on Jade Tree. According to their blog, they're next releasing "Year of the Pig" on What's Your Rupture - home of Love is All and caUSE co-MOTION! (more indie cred). caUSE co-MOTION! is also who they're playing with at Mercury Lounge on March 3rd. At SXSW they're playing a ton of parties including the one I'm throwing with AAM.

I've never seen them live, but after seeing the pics and video, I'm pretty psyched to.

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Brooklyn Vegan