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October 10, 2006

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Singer/ songwriter Micah P. Hinson is a young man from Abilene, Texas who has seen a lot of trouble in his life including fast times with a Vogue model, addiction to prescription meds and an eventual arrest for passing bad checks - all before his 20th birthday. But when drugs, women and family had fled, there was still that guitar and the kind of lessons learned that were just burning to become songs. Hinson turned to music to help him pick up the pieces of his tattered life and has emerged reborn with an album that has him beating the sophomore slump. With a parched crackling voice, Hinson puts an unapologetic spin on his second album of world weary songs. At first listen, they sound simple enough. A few lyrics, sparse production brightened by some pretty picking, but after giving the whole disc a listen, boy do they pack a wallop.

The cocksure devil of youth has been mostly silenced for a stark look at what comes from living life in a throwaway fashion. “Diggin a Grave” features a harmonica playing a lively hoe down while Hinson sings bereft lyrics like “hoping the sun won’t ever come out and there’ll be no compromise again”. What has to be the most autobiographical tune though is “She Don’t Own Me”. It’s the highlight of the album and is completely uncompromising in its portrait of a disenchanted heart-broken youth. If you want one song that can sum up the lonesomeness of the sprawling Texas prairie - this is it!

Hinson tries to liven up the pace on a few songs by inviting what sounds like an entire county fair to come on in and play, but it doesn’t work half as well as when he keeps things stripped down and simple.

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