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January 18, 2006

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On April 11th, Jade Tree proudly presents a brand new look at the formative years of Richmond, VA punk-rock legends [B]AVAIL[/B] with the reissue of three classic albums.

[I]Dixie[/I] is the rallying cry that defined [B]AVAIL's[/B] unique sound: emotive tales of the struggle of everyday Southern life backed by unfathomably huge hooks and an unbridled rage. The album’s 12 original tracks have now been beefed up by the addition of 11 bonus tracks compiled from the [I]Attempt to Regress[/I] 7” and the 10" [I]Live at the Kingshead Inn[/I].

The collection of sing-a-long anthems on [I]4AM Friday[/I] ultimately anointed [B]AVAIL[/B] kings of the Southern punk underground. The CD now features the 1997 album [I]Live at the Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco[/I], a smoldering live set that’s testament to the unforgettable, high-octane shows that have become the band’s hallmark.

Lastly, on 1998’s [I]Over the James[/I], with a more mature take on songwriting, Tim Barry’s most personal lyrics to date and a thunderously pristine recording, [B]AVAIL[/B] makes the most ferocious and vital statement of their career. The release is bolstered by bonus tracks including the [I]Fall of Richmond[/I] split with (Young) Pioneers and the band’s covers of Elvis, Billy Joel and Embrace.

All three albums have been remastered and feature new artwork, over 100 photographs and flyers and new liner notes.

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1. [URL]| On The Nod|EXTERNAL[/URL]
2. Clone
3. Tuning
4. Song
5. Sidewalk
6. 25 Years
7. Virus
8. Beliefs Pile
9. Treading On Heels
10. Model
11. South Bound 95
12. Pink Houses
13. Connection
14. Mr. Morgan
15. Sidewalk (Live)
16. Stride (Live)
17. Song (Live)
18. Observations (Live)
19. Predictable (Live)
20. Forgotten (Live)
21. Pinned Up (Live)
22. Kiss Off (Live)
23. Connection (Live)



1. Simple Song
2. Order
3. Tuesday
4. 92
5. McCarthy
6. (Ben)
7. Monroe Park
8. Armchair
10. Blue Ridge
11. Swing Low
12. F.C.A
13. Hang
14. Governor
15. Nameless
16. South Bound 95 (Live)
17. Stride (Live)
18. Order (Live)
19. Tuning (Live)
20. Fix (Live)
21. F.C.A (Live)
22. Pinned Up (Live)
23. Nickel Bridge (Live)
24. Simple Song (Live)
25. Clone (Live)
26. Nameless (Live)
27. Scuffle Town (Live)
28. Blue Ridge (Live)
29. Virus (Live)
30. Model (Live)



1. Deepwood
2. New #2
3. August
4. Fall Apart
5. Nickel Bridge
6. [URL]| Scuffle Town|EXTERNAL[/URL]
7. Sanctuary 13
8. S.R.O.
9. Midtown West
10. Lombardy St.
11. Vine
12. Cross Tie
13. Ask
14. Fifth Wheel
15. Lombardy St.
16. You May Be Right
17. Suspicious Minds
18. Said Gun

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