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September 1, 2005

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The word “explosive” can be used to describe Louisville’s Lords without any hyperbole. Nearly every song on Swords erupts from tight fragments of machine-gun drumming over staggering riffs so fast and winding it sounds as if the whole thing could come crashing down at any second.
This, their first full-length for Jade Tree Records, careens wildly through 13 tracks of the Lords brand of greasy metal and hardcore. With only one song clocking in past the two-minute mark, the trio doesn’t let up the relentless attack until the 10th song, “Talking Whip,” when it slows down to a Blues Explosion-ish creep. Singer/guitarist Chris Owens yelps like a crazed preacher over the whole thing while drummer Stan Doll and bassist Tony Bailey keep the crazy train runnin’ on time.
Sticking with the gospel laid out on previous releases “The House The Lords Built” and “Moral Darkness,” Swords is one of the most lively records of the year, and another notch on Louisville’s metal-studded belt.

LEO Beat

Doug Rapp