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May 7, 2004

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[B]DESPISTADO[/B] are gearing up to head out with Omaha-born labelmates [B]STATISTICS[/B] for a Canadian tour in support of their debut Jade Tree joint, [I][B] The Emergency Response[/B][/I] CD EP (JT1096) due out June 22nd. Furthermore, the band has just stepped out of the studio where they were putting the finishing touches on their first full length, which is slated for release this coming fall, so expect a selection of old hits and new jams as both bands destroy club-to-club throughout the months of May and June.

Also, while the EP still has yet to drop onto record shelves, the hype is already red hot. Scope the links below to see what folks have been saying about one of Canada’s rapidly rising stars:

[URL]|Delusions of Adequacy|EXTERNAL[/URL]
[URL]'|In Session|EXTERNAL[/URL]
[URL]|Now Toronto|EXTERNAL[/URL]

[URL]|Official Despistado Site|EXTERNAL[/URL]

Please consult the Despistado [URL]/tours/artist/despistado|tour page[/URL] for current dates.