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March 1, 2005

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"It looks like another fruit has fallen from the Kid Dynamite/Lifetime tree. Unlike the relatively close
falling apple Paint It Black, which is really what Kid Dynamite would sound like ripping off Black
Flag, The Loved Ones more closely resemble the rock and roll swagger of brethren None More

So what's all the fuss about? I can only describe it as a tougher edged melodic approach to hard
rock. Before you roll your eyes in disgust, you really have to hear this to appreciate it. With only five
songs on this EP it goes by quick but these are five solid songs.

The opener, and catchiest of the bunch, is a start/stop masterpiece with a layered chorus that
punches right through your jaded attempt to not enjoy this guilty pleasure. The second song
"Chicken" drifts into a burst of speed on the bridge, almost making you think this is going to be a
hardcore song, but expertly descends back to a strong, melodic mid-paced rhythm only to
conclude with a slower paced yet catchy dual vocal ending. The slower paced "Massive" had the
potential to be too poppy but the impassioned vocals, bass growl and sharp use of melody to
build to a climatic crescendo does its work to remind you this is certainly not a pop record. The
biggest surprise is the all acoustic "Drastic". This song is carried by the once again sincere
vocals coupled with the forceful, dynamic delivery of the sole acoustic guitar. It closes out with the
satisfying "Candy Cane" that does drift a little into the cliché emo breakdown but remains a great
song none the less.

I'm just as big a fan of hardcore as the next guy but I have to say this is the best band to spring up
from the ashes of those legendary forefathers to date. I guess it's ironic it's not a hardcore band
but these guys have shown they can branch out beyond that and deliver something that, while not
the same, is worthy of the mantle of their heritage. I just hope they don't flame out after one EP."

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