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February 4, 2005

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As with everything that Jade Tree releases, I am always in anticipation for a release date from whatever band they are bringing to the table. The folks over at Jade Tree simply have a knack for creating an organic “hype” about a band based solely based on word of mouth as this EP was no exception.

Even though this only holds five songs and a few are off their self released demo, it packs quite a punch. The Loved Ones feature ex-members of every Philly band that you can imagine from Kid Dynamite, The Cause and Trial By Fire so the caliber of musicians are top rate. These five adrenaline inducing songs definitely peak after their opener “100K” passes quickly by. For the type of people involved, it is hard to slam or say anything negative but on the flip side of the coin, it sounds a lot like Hot Water Music. It seems as though producer Brian McTernan pressed the “Hot Water Music production” button and it came out almost identical to “Caution” or “The New What’s Next”.

Being fair this is only just an EP and used to introduce the world to a band about ready to blossom. It comes down to this, if Jade Tree backs it and it has members of Kid Dynamite, I am in. I may be a little gun shy and not list this as my top EP of the year already, but it has the qualities that it could be a contender.


Ray Harkins