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February 2, 2005

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It could have been the script of another Hollywood-movie abusing the underground culture because it sells, but it's not: Dave Hause (ex The Curse) entered the punk community years ago by selling shirts for Kid Dynamite. Now, a couple of years later, Dave is on stage himself as the singer / guitarist for The Loved Ones. Remarkable fact: Kid Dynamite’s bassist plays in The Loved Ones as well. They’re backed up by drummer Mike Sneeringer of Trial By Fire. We can only hope that the guy who's currently selling the The Loved Ones shirts will start his own band as well after some time.

Jade tree is a label that won my respect some years ago. Having a uniform musical taste with matching quality-releases they settled into the list of trustworthy ever consolidating labels that are still closely connected to a certain DIY spirit. Now they released this MCD of “The Loved Ones” and once again disappointment is not what we get. Featuring former members of Kid Dynamite, The Curse, Trial by Fire and Paint it Black, this trio gathered to form this new band while maintaining and cherish the experience of their previous bands. Okay, it's clear that this Philadelphia based three-piece will never get the impact their fellow townsmen of Ink & Dagger and the almighty Atom And His Package had but this doesn't exclude the fact that this is an impressive debut.

We only get 5 songs but that's enough to convince me. The rhythm is surpassing the monotonous punk-drumbeat. The voice is bringing me back to the good old Saves The Day records, including a more 'singing' vibration than the average punk band. And there’s enough variation to keep me away from dreamland. I guess the choice of releasing just five quality songs is one of the main strengths of this EP. The first track called “100K” is a little bit too close to a Rancid song I love a lot but I’m willing to forgive.

Keeping in mind this is a debut EP, I can only conclude we should keep our eyes open for The Loved Ones.

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