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June 22, 2004

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It seems as of late, the focus on bands from Canada has been one of pure experimentalism: noise drones, instrumental theme albums, and bland musical obscurity.  Then come Despistado, from Regina, Canada, touted as the coldest place on earth.  Like a knight riding a fiery horse, they’ve galloped in with a glowing sword to slice through the thick ice of Canada, and bring a brighter, bolder, tougher sound.  Their 6-song EP, The Emergency Response, is a shining beacon of what’s to come.

Despistado combine the sharpness of Q and Not U with the dark undertones of Fugazi to create a unique blend of their own.  Every song on the EP is a gem.  One could easily mistake them for a Dischord band, and I have a feeling that anyone on the Dischord staff who catches Despistado will almost immediately regret they hadn’t found them first.

Their sound is infectious, and with the promise of a full-length recording waiting in the wings, I look forward to hearing what they bring to the table next.  And, I might add, they scored an opening gig for the Pixies at their Canadian show.  Bring on the warmth.

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