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January 20, 2004

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Expecting nothing is sometimes the greatest thing you can do. I remember the time where I made the realization in school that as long as I was expecting a D on every test, I was never let down. I somewhat carried this philosophy over to most of my music listening because I find that if I am expecting too much, I am let down a majority of the time.

With Denver Daily's (the guitarist and main songwriter for Desparacedos) first experimental EP was released on Jade Tree, I thought it was a boring audio journey into mediocrity. In turn when I got this full length to review, I was expecting very little. Needless to say I was blown away. Far and above that of his previous, unfocused work. Starting off with the first song, Denver catches your attention with his most radio friendly song ever written. Then him and his friends, a Omaha who's who list, create a very atmospheric and all encompassing record. I hear influences like Christie Front Drive, Mogwai, At The Drive In and The Cure leaking there way into this full length.

Now this is far from being groundbreaking for a band, but for one man to achieve this is quite an accomplishment that is not something to scoff at. It is bittersweet, biting and breathtaking all rolled into one package. A must for fans of anything Saddle Creek or Matador has put out in the past year or two.

Punk Rocks

Ray Harkins