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October 21, 2002

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What grew out of Blake Schwarzenbach’s lifelong desire to create music has become one of todays most esteemed and sought after acts. Jets To Brazil have established themselves over the last four years as an astounding independent rock band. They have done it with charisma, patience, imagination and the prowess to produce first-class albums. The quartet of reputable musicians are back with their third full-length, Perfecting Loneliness.

Jets To Brazil perfect more than loneliness on this record. They perfect their sound. The instruments, lyrics and rhythms all come together to make an album that begs to be listened to. It only seems fitting that longtime producer J Robbins was behind the board on Perfecting Loneliness. The production is noteworthy throughout as Schwarzenbach and company arouse a more orchestrated element to their repertoire.

The marathon of brilliance begins with two vigorous rock songs that will have you singing along in no time. The album progresses to flow in and out of touching piano-structured ballads. “Cat Heaven” and “Lucky Charm” prove to be some of the most intelligent melodies that Schwarzenbach has ever constructed. The piano hides brilliantly under the instrumentation on “Cat Heaven” as Schwarzenbach croons imaginative lyrics about matrimony. “Lucky Charm” is diligent, soft and creates a harmonious look into another distressing summer of Schwarzenbach’s life. Poetically heartrending lyrics and effortlessly listenable melodies continue to capture the listener throughout this ambitious release. “Wish List” uncovers JTB’s talents to construct diverse musical structures while remaining simple. The undemanding guitar over the brisk bass line creates a folksy sound while an angular drum beat keeps it breathing. Before the loneliness is rounded off with nine-and-a-half minutes of eclectic harmony, JTB awaken their voices with two more passionate rockers that bring us back to their Orange Rhyming Dictionary days.

With Perfecting Loneliness Jets To Brazil dug deep into their cooperative intellect and pulled off another inimitable release. It comes as no surprise really.

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