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October 15, 2002

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[b]Jets to Brazil[/b] [i]Perfecting Loneliness[/i] DBL LP/CD (JT1079) is released today. This third installment in the Jets legacy is going to leave you breathless. Trust us and order [i]Perfecting Loneliness[/i] today.

"It's beautiful and it's sad, but it's all that I have," Blake Schwarzenbach sings on [i]Perfecting Loneliness[/i], the first album from [b]Jets to Brazil[/b] in over two years. Not that beauty and sadness are anything new to [b]Jets to Brazil[/b]. When we last heard from the band, they had delivered [i]Four Cornered Night[/i], a melancholy mix of folk, rock, country, and just about everything in between. Inspired by [i]Four Cornered Night's[/i] ambitious nature, the band has returned with [i]Perfecting Loneliness[/i]: a mirror ball of sound that reflects a clearer, more focused [b]Jets to Brazil[/b]. Recorded at Inner Ear Studios in Arlington, VA with longtime producer J. Robbins, [i]Perfecting Loneliness[/i] represents not so much a continuation of the band's previous gestures, but a better understanding of them. Now, the melodies flow out of Schwarzenbach-the Jets' brave blend of angular rock, epic balladry and really cool keyboard noises front and center-as his guitar (or piano) gently weeps. Beautiful and sad? Absolutely. But [i]Perfecting Loneliness[/i] is all the better for it.

[i]Perfecting Loneliness[/i] is an enhanced CD that includes bonus footage of the Jets in the studio recording and mixing the record.

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