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December 10, 2002

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Oklahoma’s [B]ESTER DRANG[/B] has joined the Jade Tree roster. The band will be releasing their second album and Jade Tree debut, [I]Infinite Keys[/I] CD (JT1082) on April 1, 2003 (Available for pre-order February 4, 2002). Vinyl for [I]Infinite Keys[/I] will be available through [URL]|Burnt Toast Vinyl|EXTERNAL[/URL].

[I]Infinite Keys[/I] is cinematically inspired and atmospheric, a spectral wall of sound that reaches out in several directions at once without losing its central focus, emanating a feeling of timelessness that melds well with its psychedelic elements reminiscent of SPIRTUALIZED, GRANDADDY and fellow Oklahoman’s THE FLAMING LIPS.

[I]Infinite Keys[/I] is being recorded at Echo Labs and mixed at Soma (WILCO, STEREOLAB) by Chris Colbert (NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL, ELF POWER).

[B]ESTER DRANG[/B] has toured with [b]PEDRO THE LION[/b], STARFLYER 59 and [b]DENALI[/b] and has shared the stage with THE WHITE STRIPES, WHEAT and THE STARLIGHT MINTS to name a few. [I]Infinite Keys[/I] is definitely recommended for fans of all of the aforementioned bands, as well as a wide variety of artists including MY BLOODY VALENTINE, THE BEATLES, RACHELS, MARVIN GAYE, BRIAN ENO, SLOWDIVE, PHILLIP GLASS AND FUGAZI.

MP3: [URL]|Repeating The Procedure|EXTERNAL[/URL] (From [b]Ester Drang's[/b] last release, [I]Goldenwest[/I], available on Burnt Toast Vinyl)


1. “Temple Mount”
2. “Dead Man's Point Of View”
3. “Oceans Of View”
4. “If They Only New”
5. “All The Birds Live In My Attic”
6. “No One Could Ever Take Your Face”
7. “The Greatest Thing”
8. “All The Feeling”
9. “One Hundred Times”
10. “I Don't Want To Live (In A World Of Infinite Keys)”

[URL]|Official Ester Drang Site|EXTERNAL[/URL]