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December 30, 2009

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Cloak/Dagger's latest offering Lost Art makes no qualms about what it is meant to be- an unapologetic 
sonic assault unafraid to wear its influences proudly on its sleeve. Laden with buzz saw guitars in the vein 
of Greg Ginn, Lost Art delivers the listener to a time when punk rock was where it 
belonged- underground, portraying a sense of importance and change. With riffs and infectious hooks 
reminiscent of everyone from Black Flag and The Circle Jerks to more recent throwbacks Hot Snakes, 
the accessibility of Cloak/Dagger harks to a time when those in the crowd would later that evening
become those on the stage.

The songs of Lost Art were written to echo throughout abandoned warehouses and the
crowded row home basements of the seediest of neighborhoods. "There's a time and a place 
for everything," Mazzola howls on stand out track "Broken Wrist" and I believe him to be right. 
Yet only time will tell if this is the time and place for the culture to return to where it once came from. 

If the revolution comes, bands like Cloak/Dagger will surely be leading the battle cry. Lost Art brings with it 
a sense of both where punk rock has been and, if we are lucky, where it is headed. The Richmond four-piece 
successfully pay tribute to those who have come before them, sans the usual trapping of losing 
a sense of self in doing so. Make no mistake; Cloak/Dagger is very much Cloak/Dagger and Lost Art is the 

National Underground

Raymond Hanstein