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February 1, 2009

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A brand new offering from the ever wonderful Cloak / Dagger; this time a two track 7”. I was able to get myself a copy of the clear vinyl version, and looking at the record takes me back to the early days of buying records and bands like UK Subs would put out coloured vinyl singles; it excited me then and this excites me now. But enough of that, are the songs any good? Damn straight they are, and although not super fast, they are still brimming with drive and energy. “Surf Song” is one of those songs that demands repeated plays; I had to play it over and over again before I even took a listen to the other side of the record, and that’s always the sign of a very good song. It’s obviously Cloak / Dagger, but it’s somehow a little different from what they’ve done before, not much and not anything drastic, so don’t go worrying. When I finally got round to flipping the record over I repeated the process of multiple plays with ”Concentration Camps”, which is a song much more reminiscent of the sound of their album, and another winner. Bloody great, that’s what this is.

Suspect Device

Tony Whatley