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June 22, 1991

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I'm not one to really be impressed by band merch but Cloak/Dagger's tshirts are what first caught my attention. At MD/DC/VA shows I would always see at least two people wearing a tshirt emblazoned with the Cloak/Dagger logo but in an array of colors: yellow, orange, pink, red, etc. I finally got the nerve to ask someone what the band was like and he told me a mix between Black Flag and Hot Snakes. I figured that I'd check them out myself.

Last October at The Fest V in Gainsville, FL I finally got to see them play and I understood why they might have an affinity with color. Like a kid walking around in a bright yellow shirt in a sea of black and white, Cloak/Dagger is an anomaly. Their garage rock n roll tinged songs are aggressive yet rhythmic enough to actually dance to which sets them apart within a genre where music is almost always too fast or too angry to shake your hips too. I stayed around to pick up their CD after their set but they didn't have one out. The only music that was available to buy was a 7" and that was about a year old.After a year of waiting, people that don't have record players now have a chance to play Cloak/Dagger's music at home because they've finally announced that their full length We Are (Jade Tree) will be released on September 11. Click here to hear the track "Runaways" from their new album. If you are in the MD/DC/VA area I recommend checking them out at the dates below:

06/23/2007 - Alley Katz -Richmond, VA No Way Records Fest w/ Career Suicide, Direct Control, Wasted Time and more
07/18/2007 - Parking lot of Warehouse Next Door - Washington, DC w/ Fucked Up and Government Warning
07/21/2007 - Cafe Alfishway - Washington, DC w/ Criminal Damage Washington DC

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