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May 10, 2004

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After recouping from an unfortunate hit and run accident this past January, it seems like Dave Laney along with the rest of his ramshackle crew are on a total rampage. The kids in [B]CHALLENGER[/B] have been strutting their stuff night after night on the [B]Jade Tree United Tour[/B], rocking tunes from their devastating debut [I][B]Give People What They Want In Lethal Doses[/B][/I] LP/CD (JT1092). What’s next for the Chicago-based foursome? Well they’ll be heading East to Japan for a week long stint, before returning home for more touring throughout the summer.

So If you still have a chance to catch the tail end of the [B]Jade Tree United Tour[/B] then head out and do so, if not look here for more news soon as [B]CHALLENGER[/B] have only really just begun their bid for total domination before the year is out.

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