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August 30, 2006

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Interpol is certainly a reasonable reference point for Snowden, but that specific comparison is also shorthand for the current wave of post-punk descendants. This Atlanta four piece shoves its way into that crowd on their first full length, Anti-Anti. Featuring bottom heavy sonic noir constructions with inventive, danceable beats and wicked cool effects driven guitar, it’s an incredibly satisfying album. Kind of gives me the same feeling I get from the sound of throwing rotten peaches against the side of our rusty old tin shed- that explosive, exhilarating bang.

I’ve been playing this almost exclusively for a week now and I’m still amazed by the way singer Jordan Jeffares pulls off the incredible feat of delivering his melodic monotone in slow motion. As a kooky challenge, try singing along to “My Murmuring Darling” and you’ll see what I mean. But most of the songs are tightly wound dance punk anthems and there are a slew of keepers, including the sublime title track, the menacing “Like Bullets,” and the jittery “Counterfeit Rules.”

The more I listen to Anti-Anti, the more I like it. And I liked it a whole lot to begin with.

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