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July 11, 2006

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I was just thinking how Pedro the Lion never seems to get enough credit a few days ago. Before Sufjan blew up and became known as the indie rock christian singer-songwriter there was Pedro the Lion and also Jeremy Enigk. I was really happy to see that Bradley's Almanac posted MP3s from David Bazan's show this past Monday at TT the Bear's in Cambridge. The sound quality as usual from Bradley's is amazing and there is some really interesting stuff including a song "Selling Advertising" aimed at Ryan Schreiber (head of Pfork) and some interesting Q&A.

"Selling Advertising. Yes. It's about Ryan Schreiber. Yeah, it's about him. It's specific. You guys know who that is? He's the most powerful guy in your guys' indie rock world. You don't know? Well, that's good. Yeah, it's kind of about him. His last name is Jewish sounding. I don't believe that Jewish people run the media. My friend misinterpreted that. I'm going to play that song now.

I'm really proud of that one. It's actually not the best song I ever wrote. My cousin thinks it's shitty because it's not open-ended at all. You can figure out exactly what it means.
But I think people got to speak. Truth to power. And no one's got any balls when it comes to Pitchfork. No one's standing up and saying 'Fuck you man.' So, someone's got to. I'll probably get a 0.0 for it...."