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October 1, 2005

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I went out to Ethiopian food for the first time a few years ago in San Francisco. The place was tiny, packed full of people and hotter than an oven set to 666. I had never eaten Ethiopian food before, but as a vegan I had eaten cuisine from all over the world and assumed that this would be somewhat similar to at least something like Indian food. So we sit down, a big group of us, and take a look at the menu. Everything looked pretty tasty, and the smell in the air was enough to make the server slip in a pool of my saliva. We ordered, and ate a variety of different things. From pureed lentils to chunky spinach something or other, I ate a little of everything that came on this huge silver platter, everything was delicious. I was satisfied with trying something new and even though each dish was small, each one contained something memorable and packed full of flavor. This album is a lot like that meal. I somewhat knew what to expect coming from a label like Jade Tree, with great artwork by Ryan Patterson (Black Cross, Coliseum) and hailing from Louisville; at the very least I knew it would be good. With only one song hovering over two minutes, these short spastic bursts of hardcore with a definite southern feel are worth every second. If you like From Ashes Rise, Black Cross, Breather Resist or The Bronx this will be for you. I can't tell you what a relief this record is. Please buy it. While you may not be able to eat it, it will leave you feeling satisfied and ready for more.

San Diego Punk