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February 23, 2005

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Can you give a short summary of the bands history? You’ve played in HC institutions like kid dynamite and lifetime before. How did you get together?
Colin: Actually I joined the band this past year. But I played in Go! For The Throat which was hardly an institution. I also play in None More Black. David: I was tricked into joining this band.
Did you change your way of making music compared to the earlier bands you’ve played in?
Andy: Nope.
David: Not really, but the older I get the worst I play.
Colin: think all musicians grow from day to day, not necessarily changing, but growing.

The first record was very old school and "in your face", I felt. Looking back what would you say you where feeling making that record.
Colin: This record is more “in your face” forget about school I dropped out?°¦

Did you feel under pressure by the old fans expectations who might have wanted you to sound exactly like kid dynamite or lifetime?
Colin: Who really cares about the old fans?°¦ that’s not the reason to make music?°¦ what other people think. Like what you like?°¦

You seem to go back to an original and angry hardcore sound. Most bands tend to become softer and poppier over the years. In your case it seems to be the other way around regarding the sound of the former bands you’ve played in. Why that?
David: Poppa Yemin has to answer that one.
Colin: As you get older you get more angry?°¦ the more you work and deal with the real world, the more aggressive temper mental you get. Most people suppress these feelings, but most people don’t get the opportunity to let their feelings out with music?°¦ Playing this type Of music keeps you from killing people.
Musically the new record is a little more diverse than the last one in my eyes, would you agree?
Andy: Yes, definitely.
Colin: would hope you listened with your ears!

What would you say has changed compared to the last record? What can people expect from the new one?
Colin: Me! I wasn’t on the last record?°¦ and you can expect a lot more flanger drums!!!!
David: I'm heavier but the music is not.

Would you say, it’s another step in creating pibs sound?
Andy: I don't know if I would say that. It's definitely the sound of us raising the bar and challenging ourselves to make a record with a less directly defined sound, but at the same time I never once felt we were doing something out of the ordinary when we were working on it. It felt totally natural.
Colin: J. Robbins. Master Producer and all around stand up guy.

How important is a political message in music for you today?
Andy: What I really want from musicians is honesty. I don't respond very well to bands that jump onstage and do nothing but shout typical slogans because not only does it come off as shallow and forced but I also happen to be smart enough to be able to come to my own conclusions about stuff like war (worst shit ever) and George W. Bush (hate him). If politics ain't your thing, don't hop on the Rock Against Bush bandwagon, I really won't miss you. But when bands make politics personal and speak from the heart, they can be really effective. A good example is when I saw the Almighty DILLINGER FOUR in NYC back in October there was a moment where Paddy, in the middle of a humorous tirade against Bush, got really serious and said something to the affect that everyone needs to unite against the GOP because he's fucking sick of being broke all the time and doesn't want to be poor forever. All of D4's jokes aside, you could tell it was the honest truth and it really hit home a hundred times better than any CrimethInc. band ever will.
Colin: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Do you believe music can still be a political force as it used to be in the 80s and early 90s?
Colin: NO?°¦ never gonna happen again but it’s still fun to try!
David: Look at our election results?°¦
Andy: Music can't elect (or unelect, unfortunately) a president as we saw this past year but it's still an amazingly great tool for communication and the exchange of ideas.

Looking back, what’s your comment on the presidential elections?
David: Glad it's over.
Colin: Listen to Howard Stern.
Andy: It's weird, but the second wave of deep depression hasn't really started yet...Maybe when George Bush is inaugurated again? The only comment I really have is that it really shows how divided this country is by certain issues that I don't even give a second thought. It shows that we have a long way to go. Hopefully the dissent and all the movement building that we've seen in the past four years will grow and the revolution can get underway.

What about your relationship with the guys from none more black? Haven’t there been rumors about, well... indifferences?
Colin: Yes, I’m glad you asked that, they like pepsi I like coke!
David: Two of us play in NMB as well, there's no static.
Name some recent bands/records that you enjoyed listening to.
Colin: Hot Water Music. Mastadon. Body Count. Jena Berlin. The Loved Ones. Metallica. Ice Cube.
Andy: GHOSTFACE - The Pretty Toney Album 2xLP, CAREER SUICIDE - Signals EP, JENS LEKMAN - When I Said I Wanted To Be Your Dog CD, REIGNING SOUND - Too Much Guitar LP, THE EARLIES - These Were The Earlies CD, LOVE IS ALL - Spinning And Scratching EP, ANIMAL COLLECTIVE - Sung Tongs 2xLP, LOOK BACK AND LAUGH - LP, THE ARCADE FIRE - Funeral CD, MORRISSEY - You Are The Quarry CD.
David: The Killers, Reason to Believe, U2, Whiskey Rebels, Wrangler Brutes.

Will there be a European tour?
Andy: There will be! June 2005! Get ready!
David: Marco / Avocado is booking it.

What do you think about filesharing?
Andy: It's all I do at my office job. I've heard hundred of great new bands and rare releases by old ones that I probably wouldn't have heard otherwise, so I'm all for it. And my iPod is the best thing I own!
David: When my royaltie checks dry up then I'll be bummed.
Colin: Shouldn’t it be called virus-sharing?

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